As a data scientist,

  • Accomplished research scientist with extensive experience in processing large datasets and time series using sophisticated and cutting-edge mathematical algorithms and statistical models for more than 15 years.
  • Vast experience and strong ability exploring relationships within datasets using both supervised and unsupervised methods and organizing data in clear and thoughtful manner for problem solving.
  • Clear and effective communication skills developed when working and coordinating multidisciplinary teams.

As a research scientist,

  • My main research focus is on establishing a computational model and analysis to better understand the neurophysiological mechanisms behind sleep disorder processing. By leveraging big data to detect biomarkers associated with sleep disorders and personalizing care accordingly.
  • My second objective is to build mathematical techniques that will provide light on the brain mechanisms behind face recognition. Quantifying face identities and face orientation using a forwards decoding model for voxel-by-voxel analysis of data information theoretic technique.
  • My final research approach is to understand how visual spatial information contributes to the language acquisition and development. The research focused on the relationship between visual skills and reading ability of dyslexia and immigration to learn secondary language.