Data Scientist/Senior Research Data Scientist | WOOLCOCK INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 2018/07 - current

Developing cutting-edge machine learning models to diagnose patients with sleep problems by fitting them to multi-modal biometric data, such as high-density EEG, MRI, clinical diagnosis and diary data.

  • Applying machine learning to sleep patients’ biometric daily activity, demographic data, medical history and actigrahy to predict subjective complaint and assess the quality of behavior therapy in different subtypes of insomnia.
  • Developing methodologies to analyse dynamic time-series in neurophysiological data.
  • Identifying potential biomarkers of cognitive decline by analysing polysomnographic, high-density eletrophysiological signals, and neuroimaging data.
  • Supervising graduate and post-graduate students with analysis of big data in multiple projects.

Data Scientist | FIC TECHNOLOGY, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 2017/04 - 2018/06

Developed and implemented models to analyse behavior and assess the performance of students from high-density computer usage data.

  • Developed and implemented R model to assess student distractibility based on their usage of computers for education or entertainment combined with their tendency to switch between the two.
  • Developed Python model for real-time analysis of K12 students’ search skills that uses Highcharts to show the results of computations on the client’s dashboard in real-time during lessons.
  • Documented educational database and data schema to build a logical data model and organize the relationship among data set.
  • Scrum lead for the data team.

Advance Data Science Training | SPRINGBOARD 2016/09 - 2016/12

Data Science Intensive Training Program

  • Methods for data science management and organization.
  • Successfully built and assessed effectiveness of various machine learning models to predict the helpfulness of a large database of Amazon book reviews that involved natural language processing.
  • Capstone project implementation can be found in iPython notebook on GitHub:

Research Scientist in Cognitive Brain Mapping Lab | RIKEN BRAIN SCIENCE INSTITUTE, TOKYO, JAPAN 2011-2016

Planned and led a project to examine the neural activity of face perception and reconstruction in the human brain. Designed and conducted a series of neuroimaging experiments. Used MATLAB to collect data and R to analyze gigabytes of data. Organized and coordinated a multidisciplinary team of neuroscientists, psychologists, neurobiologists, and physicists from five countries to work on the project.

  • Estimated noise from neuroimaging data by Fast Fourier Transform
  • Characterized the neural signal using probabilistic methods and information theory
  • Developed computational model using Gaussian and Von Mises functions to accurately extract sensitive neural responses related to face perception
  • Applied General Linear Model (GLM) and multivariate analysis to evaluate the neural response
  • Presented data analysis results at multiple international conferences

Graduate Research Assistant in Visual Neuroscience Lab | NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN 2003-2011

Designed and conducted a series of behavioral and neuroimaging experiments to examine how humans perceive complex objects in the real world.

  • Applied General Linear Model (GLM) to analyze the mechanism of action and object perception
  • Implemented support vector machine to classify and predict neural responses to a variety of complex objects
  • Discovered the neural mechanisms of perceiving visual complex objects
  • Presented worldwide at numerous neuroscience conferences and published in journals

Graduate Research Assistant in Language Learning Lab | NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN 2003-2011

Led a project to investigate the language learning processing of first and second language learners. Designed and conducted surveys and experiments to examine the influence of learning experience on perception of visual words.

  • Designed and conducted behavioral studies to investigate reading mechanisms by detecting the eye-movements while reading articles
  • Collaborated with computer scientists to build a learning tool based on the analysis of collected data and second-language acquisition theories.
  • Developed new software to help immigrants to learn a new language faster and better

Research Assistant in Technology and Digital Learning Lab | NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN 2001-2003

Administrated a project to develop digital mathematics games for the elementary school students in Taiwan.

  • Organized and coordinated an interdisciplinary team, which included psychologists, computer scientists and artists
  • Designed experiments, collected and analyzed data from thousands of students
  • Developed adaptive learning algorithms and designed games
  • Supported teachers and students to learn mathematics in elementary schools
  • Presented results at top international conferences devoted to education


Managed a project on cross-cultural differences in modernity in Taiwan together with Professor William Gabrenya in Psychology Department from the Florida Institute of Technology.

  • Designed questionnaires and collected surveys across multiple generations
  • Built a hierarchical data structure for quantitative analysis